About Me

Daniel Temos is a Toronto area photographer and technologist who specializes in a wide range of photographic styles.  He started his photography work by focusing on Landscapes and Nature and found a niche helping business build better websites and presence through images.  He’s worked with a wide variety of businesses including Restaurants, Real Estate, Manufacturers, Engineers, Designers, Retail, Sports Clubs and more. For a more in-the-moment feel, he’s also covered a variety of events including Product Launches, Weddings, Corporate events, Parties, Local Events, Grand Openings and more.

He is always looking for new ways to expand his experiences and portfolio and trying something new.  So if you have a new project, idea or event please reach out to him about it and see if some collaboration can make it a much more memorable and lasting experience.

Daniel lives King City, Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife and little boy.  When he’s not snapping photos you can find him scuba diving, playing hockey, or enjoying the great outdoor.  Feel free to contact him anytime if you have questions or want to book your next big event or portrait work.  You can reach him easily by using the “Contact Me” page located in the top menu bar.