Fun Portraits of a Serious Thinker – Zach

I always have a lot of fun shooting portraits, especially when they are outdoors and you get the chance to really study your surroundings and come up with interesting backdrops to frame your subject around. Sometimes it’s really surprising how the finished product turns out when you look back and think about what the backdrop object actually was. This is something that happened with one of my portrait subjects named Zach.

Zach Portraits 6

A little more about Zach

Zach is a student who is looking make his breakthrough into the professional world and needed some nice portraits/headshots for his profile picture on various social media and professional websites. It’s amazing how much of a difference a properly composed profile picture can portray about yourself. It’s also vastly important to provide a professional impact on first impressions. We were hoping to get a shot of him hypnotizing his friends since it’s related to his field but they got cold feet at the last minute!

Zach Portraits 7

Use Your Surroundings to make great portraits!

The portrait shoot took place in a small park near Zach’s home. I didn’t have a chance to scout this location previously so I went in without any planned shots. Turns out there were a few great spots that provided us with some very interesting backdrops. The image below turned out the most interesting to me. It almost looks like an intentional studio backdrop but it was actually a small rectangular statue that had a rusty weathered look on it. The colour looked very interesting and transferred fantastically into a clean backdrop for Zach’s portraits. We also had fun in the trees and park benches. Make sure to keep an eye out for lines that extend out into the distance as they can make your portraits very pleasing to the eye.

Zach Portraits 9

Feel free to browse through the rest of the images from our shoot below. Clicking on any of them will pop up the Lightbox viewer. I’d love to get some feedback on how you think these shots came out and any suggestions on what you would have done differently? Or perhaps you’re looking for some great looking portraits as well? If you are, be sure to click on the “Contact” page and send me a message so we can set up a time together!

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