Introducing… Photography By Daniel!

It’s no big secret to family and close friends that I’ve always been passionate and enjoyed photography and technology. As digital “Point-and-Shoot” cameras started being introduced many years ago I instantly jumped on the chance to see how these two passions would mesh together. Needless to say, it was something I quickly took a liking to and began my adventure into the Digital Photography world.

As time went on, digital cameras began to equal and surpass their film counterparts and amazing DSLR Cameras(Digital Single Lens Reflex) came rushing into the market. I took the leap into the DSLR world a few years back and haven’t stopped snapping pictures!

Nature Photos - St Kitts Mountain

And that brings us to today…

So that brings me to today where I introduce my new website and business to continue fuelling my passion for photography. Simply named, Photography By Daniel, will be my medium for expanding my photographic experiences and sharing those moments with all of you via this blog or perhaps at your next big event.

So do you need a photographer for something? Maybe you’re getting married? Engaged? Looking to update your professional or social profile pictures? Perhaps you have some products that you’d like professionally captured for your website or advertisements?

Indian Wedding Portraits - Fairah 1

There’s no end to the possibilities so please reach out to me and we can discuss the options and your vision. Those special moments and days are always short lived by a good photograph makes them last forever! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my experiences with my followers.

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Cheers for now!

Food Photography - Dessert Cookies 2

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